33 Songs for 33 People

Hello, surfer! Yes, once upon a time, it was called “surfing the internet.” Now, this activity has different names, none of which we shall tease you with.

We are a loose compendium of people who make music in the hopes of accomplishing what we think all art means to accomplish: to remind everyone they are not alone, trapped in their skin suit, hurtling toward oblivion. If you bob your head to one of our songs, then never listen again, we have done something, pierced that veil between I and Thou and made things a little more tolerable for a while.

Therefore, we offer our first project, 33 songs, 3 and half hours or so of sloppy weirdo pop electrotrash, and we hope you bop your head, and remember that you are not alone in the universe.

33 Songs for 33 People, zipped .wav files TORRENT 2.1 gb (via Archive.org, bless their hearts. You can also download flac, mp3, or stream from their site.)

Or, go to Bandcamp and listen or download mp3s.

Money is not the profit we seek, but it does help us keep this website up, buy equipment, donate to Archive.org, and generally keep Henrietta breathing. If you think we did an interesting job, please Donate via the link above, or:

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