But Why?

We make pop music that is messy, prickly, weirdly mixed, and hopefully non-commercial.

But isn’t pop music, by it’s nature, commercial?

Not necessarily. We aim to please people who like strange sounds, but don’t plan to charge them for that pleasure. “Pop” once was short for popular, and yes, the idea was to move as many units as possible and achieve popularity, and in some corners, it still does. In our corner, “pop” refers to a basic stylistic framework (verses and bridges and choruses, lyrics, catchy melodies, earworms), but we prefer to think of this framework as a thing to fuck with, to cut up and stitch together in new monsters, while retaining at least some connection to the original framework that we all enjoy. If we were more concerned with making money, then our music would be very different, which is a step we are unwilling to take, since the world is awash in shitty, formulaic music that sounds like hotel soap and works about as well.

We have plenty of company in making weird pop music, too many to mention, but thanks for the inspiration!